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Canine Celebrity Apprentice

Who doesn't love a good story and one like Bret Michaels where he wins Celebrity Apprentice after all his hardships.  His triumph in the face of adversity is good television.


I know that my pack had a change of heart about how they perceived him after this. [We were never a fan of his MTV looking for love show]

Big dogs get a bad rap too.  Some people like landlords, assume we are all mean and are going to trash their place, like a rock star.  I love little dogs but they can be as messy or as noisy as any big dog. Truly.  Often on my walks it is the little nervous pup who does all the barking, not me.

It is good to see humans trying to influence positively, especially wild rockers.

Monday Good Cause: Support Our Libraries

In front of our branch library I meet all sorts of nice people and sometimes other dogs. One time I met people who were trying to get us to sign a petition to help with our national parks. I like the park. 


My pack likes to get books from the library because it reminds them of their childhood summers and because they like to look for books that help them take care of me. Awwwww. 

I can be a handful with my separation anxiety and the fact that a recent traumatic vet visit was related to some unknown skin conditions, my pack can use all the help they can get.

Black and White Ball(s) of Husky Puppies

In San Francisco the Black and White Ball was this weekend. Tickets to the concert and party benefits Adventures in Music, bringing music into the lives of every single student in grades 1 through 5 in the San Francisco Unified School District.

In honor of this event, my female thought it would be cute to show little black and white balls of floofy furry Husky puppies. Enjoy!

Why We Love Cats and Dogs - Saturday Pet Blogger Hop Version


It is Saturday and I'm going to weigh in on why my pack and I will watch PBS' Why We Love Cats and Dogs on Nature which is airing on our local station tomorrow May 23. Why do humans love us? In my pack on the weekends, my humans give me, a dog, all the love and attention that I give them every day they come home. Look here...

Every Saturday my pack gets up and makes me breakfast first, then their coffee.  We go out for a morning walk in the neighborhood and then I take a nap.  An hour or so later it is more me time then another walk or play outside in our yard.  Another nap for me before they make my dinner. 

Before my walks I usually get surprised by a treat or two. In the afternoons my female will often spend time brushing me.  Today will be no different, except for -hopefully- interruptions to this routine by new or old blogger friends visiting us online.  Yes I'm talking about the Pet Blogger Hop!  woof!

P.S. I can't really speak for cats, except for discovering my New Zealand feline buddy @Rumblepurr is a cool mancat and if they were all like him, I understand why humans would love cats.