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Rumblepurr - San Francisco Bound

What an exciting day!!

After much convincing (and maybe a little bit of night-poking) I've managed to convince the Rumblemum to let me go and visit my bootiful friend, Cleo!

Now Cleo lives far away, in a place called San Fransisco. I don't really know much about this place, so I went online and did a bit of research.

I hear that there are a lot of earthquakes, this worried me because I know I would be SO happy to see my friend that I'd start *RUMBLEPURRing*, which might set off a quake! Golly I hope that Cleo doesn't live on a fault line!


I'll keep my RUMBLES in my suitcase!

San Fransisco is also well known for it's seafood. I don't understand why I've waited so long to come here...? Bootiful puppy friend AND seafood? Sign me up!!

It's even easy to get around in this city, but I wonder if the cable car will have enough room for my boofy tail?


Smooooooth ride, just watch the tail!

Well, I'd better go pack for my trip! I'm already dreaming of the Fishermans Wharf... me and the puppy, catching tunas... wish us luck!

- Rumblepurr